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What we do

Real time, carrier grade is our business; improving the entire software lifecycle of real time, carrier grade applications, from design to operations, is our mission!

Since we set up our company in 2017, we've been developing and deploying a platform that is actually proving every day that the costs and time required to develop and operate critical applications can be low. Our product changes the way you design, test, deploy and operate your critical applications. We should definitely talk, especially if:

  • your business depends on new applications being deployed or changed and you must reduce the development and implementation costs
  • you want to insource application development and maybe re-skill your teams of domain experts to be able to write runnable specifications that don't need a development team to be implemented
  • your are looking for ways to operate more efficiently the services and applications, going beyond stats and alert by using live tracing and replay pinpointing exactly where the problem is
  • you are searching for ways to boost the production and adoption of automated tests and still keep the delivery pace

About us

Founded in 2017, with offices in Romania and Spain and customers in Ukraine, Romania, Austria, Belgium and Spain

Cristian, our CEO, and Florin, our CTO founded the company after working more than 17 years in telecommunications industry for customer in EMEA, as developers, solution architects or people managers.
The first iteration of our product was released for a real time anti-fraud service to a mobile operator with 3000 calls per seconds every day, in 2017; all the calls in the network are still being processed via our platforms in order to decide and take immediate actions in case of fraud. This first project defined our design principles and the main features we still follow today: always available, live operations, quick changes daily, fail fast, domain experts (not software engineers) are effectively implementing the business requirements based on runnable specifications; carrier grade and real time was never an afterthought.

Since 2017, our company grew steadily and sustainably year over year, debt free, adding new customers every year. We deployed our product in healthcare, in banking sector and of course, in telecoms.

Product brief

Event driver, model based platform to process event streams

We provide a software platform that:

  • facilitates the development of new apps and services via definition of models (similar with drawing diagrams in MS Visio, for example); these models are automatically compiled and executed without any further development effort
  • executes the models (that's why we call them runnable specifications) using an event driven technology, non blocking, with low latency and high throughput
  • based on the model, it can automatically generate test cases that will themselves be executed automatically
  • enhance the operational readiness by highlighting in the model where the problems/defects in the service logic are

Our platform runs in any environment: physical hardware, virtual servers, containerized environments, OpenStack or public clouds. We have deployed it in AWS Cloud, in VMWare environment, in OpenStack or bare metal; it has a horizontal scalability model (adding more nodes increase the throughput while keeping latency constant).

Applications developed by us or our customers

A non-exhaustive list of applications running on top of our platform

Real time antifraud

Prevent fraud for voice calls and SMS, online! It analyzes every call or SMS (MAP or SMPP) acting as a transparent node; what it differentiate it from anti-fraud solutions based on CDR is that it can impact session/dialog (call or messaging) progress and it can take actions even if fraudster is not in your network.

Charging gateway

Mediate online between network elements and billing systems, using various protocols (SIP, INAP, CAP, MAP, Diameter) and performing translations between these protocols.

VAS for call sessions

A variety of services like mobile VPN, premium numbers, call barring, smart call routing.

5G AAA server

Core AAA server for managing data sessions and data session authorization/configuration.

SS7 Firewall

All firewall features as defined by GSMA for all required SS7 messages, including SMS home router.

Enterprise notification hub

Manage all communication with end customers via a single system, keeping unified track of GDPR preferences, of contact policies, doing charge back and managing marketing campaigns as well.